McAllen Mayoral candidates sound off at debate before May 1 election

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MCALLEN, Texas (KVEO) — The McAllen Mayor race is one of the biggest races coming up on May 1. At a debate hosted Tuesday by Libre Initiative Texas, all five candidates shared their stances on current issues affecting the city.

Michael Fallek, who is on the planning and zoning commission, spoke on what he would do as a mayor to make residents feel safe.

“We need to make sure that when as an immigrant of an asylum-seeking population moves into our country that there is covid testing going on and background checks,” said Fallek.

Javier Villalobos, who has 23 years of government experience talked about what he would want the city to keep doing when it comes to asylum seekers.

“We assist with the logistics… they’re dropped off and we assist them in transporting them to the respite center,” said Villalobos. 

As for McAllen’s city ordinances, long-term active community member Veronica Vela-Whitacre suggests an update if she’s elected. 

“Some of those ordinances have not been visited since 1979,” said Whitacre. “We do need to catch up, we need to redo, we need to fix something, a lot of them because our times have changed.”

With years of business experience, Othal Brand Jr. explains what current city ordinance he would get rid of.

“We do have over-regulation in the city of McAllen, no one denies that, and it needs to be fixed,” said Brand Jr. 

Given the role to oversee the city’s public health crisis Dr. Shahid Rashid, who spent over two decades serving McAllen as a physician says what he would want to do.

“First in foremost is that right now our top priority is to make sure we get our city as quickly as possible vaccinated so we can start our way of life the way it used to be,” said Dr. Rashid.

Voting day is May 1. All five candidates promised to give some form of transparency if elected.

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