In 2013 McAllen made some big announcements including a 3-1-1 call center and mobile app to improve the cities communication with the people who live there.

They also added non-stop flights to San Luis Potosi from McAllen.

Voters also approved a $45 million dollar bond, creating new roads, a performing arts theater and sports fields.

All milestones Mayor Jim Darling addressed during his ‘State of the City’ speech Wednesday.

For 2014 his vision is simple, build more infrastructure and work with neighboring cities to improve quality of life in the region.

“Let’s put these visions into reality,” Darling said.

Nedra Kinerk, president and found of Futuro McAllen, said his ideas of progressing the city with innovation are practical.

“Our mayor has really stressed the fact that we want to do more on regionalization and I think this is critical,” Kinerk said.

She points to plans to urbanize the city to attract newcomers.

Darling said to make that happen he wants to make McAllen “like Houston by day, Las Vegas by night, and Disney World on the weekend.”

“That’s the future and that’s the direction we need to go,” Kinerk said.

Darling said there are many challenges that lie ahead, but he looks forward to what opportunities are presented.