MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) – The hostage situation at a North Texas Synagogue has sent shockwaves across the Jewish community. Now local Jewish leaders are speaking with ValleyCentral telling us that this is a reminder of the treats their communities face.

“Unfortunately antisemitism is something that did exist and does exist and we are seeing a lot of it today,” said Rabbi Asher Hecht with Chabad RGV.

Rabbi Hecht was one of the countless people watching the hostage situation unfold. After hours of uncertainty, Hecht is just grateful there wasn’t a tragic outcome.

“In that moment what was most important is that we were hoping and praying that they would come out safe and thank God that was the result,” Hecht said.

While this attack serves as a sobering reminder that threats to the Jewish community are still out there, Rabbi Hecht said this only makes their faith stronger.

“This is not going to interfere with or deter outgoing about or out practices being Jews,” Hecht said. ” If anything, this makes Jews stronger.”

Although there have been no violent threats made against the Jewish community in McAllen, that has not stopped them from taking precautions. Security measures have already been put in place at Chabad RGV and at Temple Emanuel in McAllen.

Rabbi Nathan Farb with Temple Emanuel tells ValleyCentral his synagogue is in constant contact with local law enforcement to find any possible threats. While there are no active threats, Rabbi Farb still has hope for humanity.

“It motivates us to be even more proud of our faith heritage even more devoted in our faith even more committed to our community,” Farb said. “We hope that they will turn from their ways that they will embrace love and community and they will come to embrace fellowship and humanity.”