Bus driver gives $20 to graduating high school students

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After a McAllen ISD bus driver gave each his graduating students a handwritten note with $20 inside, his students paid back the favor.

David Gomez starts his day at 4:30 every morning to pick up his 200 plus students for their daily bus ride to Nikki Rowe High School in McAllen.

Eleven seniors ride Bus #18 every morning and afternoon— the same bus they’ve ridden since they were freshman.

As graduation nears, Gomez wanted to make sure the students got one last parting gift.

“I told them, ‘Hey I have something for you,'” Gomez said. “I didn’t think it was a big deal, but I wrote each of them a card.”

Handwritten cards that came with $20 inside.

“I thought it was a small gesture, just a small little thing,”said Gomez. “I didn’t think it was a big deal, they deserved more.” 

The cards quickly went viral on social media, reminding others how one person can touch so many hearts.

“They showed up every day for four years. I love those students. I wanted to give them something from the bottom of my heart, I know it’s nothing much,” said Gomez.

But to many, it was more than they expected. So, some of his seniors decided to repay the favor.

They all pitched in and got their bus driver of four years a gift basket and presented it to him on their last week of school.

“We just wanted to give something back to him, even if it wasn’t too much, we just wanted to show him we love him and thank him for everything he’s done for us,” said Alondra Hernandez, one of Mr. Gomez’s seniors.

“We just all love him very much, he’s a kind man, he is so lovable,” said another senior, Alondra Viramontes.

And even though these seniors will all go their separate ways once graduation finishes, they say Mr. Gomez will always have a place in their heart.

“He’s always there for us, most people don’t ask us, ‘What’s wrong with your life?’ But he was one of them that would ask every day,” said Hernandez.

Mr. Gomez says he will be at their graduation Friday morning to wave goodbye one last time.

“I wish them the best because they deserve the best life, every student actually, good careers and remember this example to give back to others.”

Gomez will give the students their final bus ride on Thursday as the seniors close out the school year. 

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