McAllen discusses and approves 2021-2022 tax rate, residents voice concerns

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MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — On Monday the City of McAllen approved the 2021-2022 tax rate and held a commissioners’ meeting to get feedback from the public after some were concerned about what this could mean for their community. 

The tax rate set for this year is 0.4956 cents per $100, which is the same as last year which was a slight decrease in comparison to 2019.

McAllen Mayor Javier Villalobos said they are not changing the tax rate. The only way taxes could increase for a McAllen resident would be the increasing value of a person’s home, which is calculated by the appraisal district.

“Here in McAllen we have the same tax rate this year as the one before, now I think sometimes we have issues because the appraisal district may pick up value but that is not the city,” said Villalobos.

Mayor Villalobos suggested residents go to the appraisal district if they think their house value has changed. 

“I would recommend making sure you go to your appraisal district and if it’s merited then your appraisal value goes down,” said Villalobos.

City Commissioner District 2 Joaquin Zamora said it would not be a good idea for them to lower the tax rate either. 

“If we lower the tax rate we are tightening the screws to the budget for what we can do within that year,” said Zamora.

Mayor Villalobos said they looked over everything and wanted to make clear that the tax rate stayed the same.

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