McAllen city leaders working with legislators for border crisis reimbursement

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MCALLEN, Texas – Congressman Henry Cuellar says the city of McAllen should be reimbursed for costs which are now nearing $1.5 million in dealing with what he calls a humanitarian crisis at the border.

U.S. Congressman Henry Cuellar (D) District 28, What I’m doing now is I’m going at that law that I changed to see if I can tweak it, where we bypass the state government.”

Congressman Cuellar believes the city of McAllen should not have to ask the state for federal dollars meant to address emergencies such as this and adds since 2014 the city has only received $400,000 from the state.

Mayor Jim Darling calls the humanitarian crisis a valley issue. “People coming across the border seeking asylum sometimes are not in the best of health. They have infectious diseases. You have to be careful about if we didn’t have them in ours and we released them they would be walking all over and being with our citizens. That’s not a good health situation for anybody.”

Mayor Darling is working with Senator John Cornyn and Congressman Cuellar on a pathway to reimbursement.

Cuellar says he will need to convince members of congress to support his legislation. “It’s going to be a little different because I’m sure my Republican friends are going to be like oh you can’t bypass Governor Abbot but if it’s not working why are we begging for our own federal dollars, millions of dollars that they get.”

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