The City of McAllen passed a resolution opposing the construction of the border wall during a special meeting on September 5th. 

Dozens of activists flooded McAllen City Hall with t-shirts, flags and posters that said “no border wall” as the City Council approved the resolution. 

“We’re a border community and the issue of funding the border is going to be an important part of the budget coming up,” McAllen Mayor Jim Darling told News Center 23’s Marlane Rodriguez.

The resolution in part, addresses how the wall could result in the displacement of families from their homes on both sides of the border and how it is planned to be built through the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge and the Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park. 

An amendment to the resolution concerning other methods of border security was also approved.

“I think instead of spending a lot of money on building a wall, we should have a virtual border wall because there’s equipment out there that’s in storage that can monitor the wall without doing any damage to our parks,” said Hilda Solis, a nurse who attended the public meeting. 

The purpose of the resolution is to make it known that McAllen City Council opposes the construction of the border wall along the border region between the United States and Mexico. 

“It’s a community effort with people from all different walks of life around the Valley just coming together and trying to get city by city to pass resolution,” said Amanda Salas a Democratic Precinct Chair.  

“We are very powerful and I think the people down here have forgotten how powerful we are,” she said. 

Six other cities in the Rio Grande Valley are also considering taking action against the border wall.