May floodings continue to impact Mission resident

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MISSION, Texas (KVEO) — One Mission resident’s house is still flooded weeks after rains puddled her front and back yard, and she said the county is not doing its part to help.

Lusia Veliz-Cortina lives near 7 1/2 Road and Bryan Road, which falls under Precinct 3. Cortina told KVEO that Precinct 3 Commissioner Everardo Villarreal promised that the water would be pumped out of her property by last Monday.

“That’s what Martin Garza and what Mr. Villarreal said that we were going to have the trucks here last Monday. That was over a week ago and the trucks never got here,” Cortina said.

Cortina said that she saw pumping trucks on her street recently, but they were pumping other property and damaged the road.

“They prefer to break the road and start … pumping out but they didn’t pump us out—I still have water—and I’ve been in the water since the middle of May,” Cortina said.

She said she is starting to feel overlooked by the County and wants to know why they haven’t helped.

“All we would get is ‘you’re in a lower point, you’re in a low point, and you’re in a low point’—well because we’re in a low point they should’ve pumped us out first!” Cortina said.

KVEO asked Villareal why Cortina’s property is still underwater.

“We try to target the lowest part of the street to be able to pump the most water out,” said Villarreal. “Once we clear where they can access the property then we go to other places that have issues going into their home.”

Villarreal explained that they pump by sections because the county is low on resources and equipment.

“I only have four pumps available. Out of those four pumps, we were working them 24 hours a day,” said Villarreal.

When asked if purchasing more water pumps would be of value to the precinct, Villarreal said:

“Oh yes! Of course, as a matter of fact, I presented something to my staff, and we already ordered extra pumps because we don’t have enough.” 

Everardo Villarreal, Hidalgo County Commissioner Precinct 3

Villarreal added that he is aware that the current methods of pumping are damaging the roads.

“One of the things that I noticed is that our 18-wheelers that were pumping water out… and helping our citizens, [was] also destroying our own streets.”

He said that investing in more pumps and better drainage infrastructure are his priorities in addressing flooding.

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