Many Rally For Immigration

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As the supreme court starts immigration hearings that could affect millions of undocumented immigrants nationwide local protestors take to the streets.

Protestors are gathered in the corner of a busy intersection in support of executive action taken by President Obama. Today, the supreme court will hear about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and Differed Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents.

ARISE Network Coordinator Ramona Casas, states, “Hopefully they can make a good decision about DACA and DAPA because we believe that it is good for families of immigrants and the whole country. And we believe that most of the immigrants contribuate to this country and the economy.”

Protests are going on right here in McAllen. Although their voices are not heard directly at the supreme court, they want to let us know that they are part of our community and they want a chance at equality.

“They want to be working legally. And they want to be able to have their driver’s license and also to be able to pay their taxes. Hopefully in the future we can have the ‘reforma migratoria’ and they’ll be here forever with their legal documents forever,” says Casas.

It’s not all about work opportunities. Some want the chance to live a normal life, that includes things we take for granted, such as obtaining a driver’s license or visiting relatives even within our state. Such is the case as with Erica, whose family is now divided because her husband works ‘up north’ and she takes care of her children on our side of the checkpoints.

Protestor Erica Hernandez says, “My kids always ask me, ‘ mom when we can go over there and visit him. Or we can go over there and… WHEN? When can we do that together as a family?’ and I have no answer for that.”

And that’s not all, Hernandez says her household could undergo further separation. Her children have the opportunity to go to college, but are afraid to venture off without the family’s support.

“Like my older kid, he likes to go visit colleges but he is afraid to go ever there without us. And he knows that I cannot cross the checkpoint. It is hard to separate and it is a hard decision for him to separate from us,” states Hernandez.

Only time will tell if the supreme court will accept their pleas.

The activist group will continue to raise awareness for this cause tonight in San Benito.

The group will hold a vigil starting at 7 PM. at 32834 Bent Tree, San Benito, TX. 

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