Many Gather in Support of Immigrant Youth

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“We are here to stay!” That was one of the many chants rallied by immigrant support groups this morning.

Many came out to the Federal Courthouse in Brownsville to discuss youth immigration issues.

The rain was light but their spirits were high.

Today Immigrant Support Advocates joined forces to discuss Rulings for Differed action for childhood arrivals and Differed action for Parents of Americans, also known as DACA and DAPA.

Protestor Roberto Avila De La Cruz says “It’s not wrong to have DACA and we’re not occupying other people’s places. We fight so much [that] I think we deserve a chance.”

They are asking for a chance of legalization in the country. Right now versions of DACA and DAPA are at a standstill. This is a result after a challenge to the program was issued asking for personal information of applying immigrants to be made public.

DACA Recipient and Traveling Advocate Angelica Villalobos says, “Are you willing to release information even if they’re not giving you a reason why to? It’s personal information that was issued.”

After speaking with protestors they claim that what they want is change, what they want is equality, and more importantly, they want to remain unafraid.

 “I mean, it’s an executive order right now from like the president, but our worry is that they can just take it away anytime soon,” DACAmented Student Fernando Sifuentes comments.

The Problem, they say, are individuals like Federal Judge Hanen, who they claim is determined to stop this executive order.

“The Voice of the Judge is not the voice of the people of the state of Texas. We need DACA and DAPA. Hopefully they can have an opportunity for every resident in Texas,” says ARISE Representative Ramona Casas.

Activist Nahiely Garcia says, “We have to acknowledge that our community has an undocumented community. Judge Hanen needs to recognize that. If he really wants to represent this community, he needs to represent the undocumented community as well.”

Some of these immigrant activists ask that no one’s personal information should be made public without consent, regardless of their legal status.

At this point the future of DACA and DAPA is undetermined.

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