SAN BENITO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A San Benito man was shot on Tuesday when U.S. Marshals tried to serve a warrant, officials say.

The shooting happened near the intersection of East Stenger Street and North Austin Street.

FBI, police and the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office could be seen at the location on Tuesday afternoon.

The sheriff’s office said the U.S. Marshals were serving a warrant on 30-year-old Carlos Abrego Jr., who was a wanted suspect.

“He died and came back to life. Two times,” said the suspect’s mother, Garciela Sandoval. “But then later on that day, I spoke with doctors and the doctors told me that they he had too many gun wounds.”

Abrego’s family is questioning why authorities shot him 12 times.

“They were just looking at a criminal or not a human being, he’s a human being. He’s my son, he’s important, nobody’s perfect, but no body deserves this. Not like this,” Sandoval said.

Abrego underwent surgery and remains in critical condition.

“I pray he makes it. As a mom, it’s the worst nightmare,” Sandoval said.