HIDALGO COUNTY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A man who was arrested several times for sexual encounters with horses was arrested on Wednesday for bestiality.

Cirilo Castillo was arrested by Special Rangers TC the Southwest Cattle Raiser Association on a charge of bestiality, according to Hidalgo County Public Records.

According to authorities with the SW Cattle Raiser Association, the victims, who lived in a rural area between San Juan and Alamo noticed that someone was leaving wooden benches and chairs in their horse stalls. They then installed a surveillance camera to monitor the situation, and because they had a pregnant mare that was scheduled to give birth.

In late March, one of the victims was looking at the surveillance camera and whey noticed someone laying on the floor of the stalls. The victim then went to the stall and saw an individual standing on a chair towards the rear of the pregnant horse and he began fumbling with his pants before fleeing.

Authorities said that the suspect was wearing a mask but through an investigation were able to identify the man as Castillo.

ValleyCentral reported in 2013 that Castillo plead guilty after having sex with a horse named “India” on video.

In 2013, former Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino said Castillo would continue.

“He is going to continue to do this,” Trevino said. “The people there in the neighborhood are just sick and tired of it, we just need to do something with this.”

In 2015, he was arrested after being accused of trying to have sex with a horse again, this time sustaining a leg injury after being kicked by the horse. He told authorities he was hit by a car and crawled to the barn for shelter.

According to public records, Castillo’s bond was $2,500 for his recent charge.

Authorities said the horse is going to be checked by a veterinarian because there were “defects” in the pony that was born.