Man Claims to Have Invented Miracle Cure For Skin Wounds

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A Mexican man living in the Rio Grande Valley claims to have found the cure for all wounds.
From scars, infections, and even skin disease that can lead to amputation this remedy is claimed to cure to it all. But they’re not just claims. One man says he has proof of them all.
It sounds too good to be true: A wax that treats every part of the skin it is applied to.

He’s received patents in the U.S. and in Mexico for his remedy.
Remedy Inventor Carlos Reyes says, “This practically alleviates and heals all wounds.”
The man discovered this invention as a personal acne remedy as a teenager.
For the past 30 years, he has tested his product with Mexican doctors. In some cases he’s allegedly prevented amputations. He is not licensed to practice medicine in this country and some Americans will simply not hear him out.

The Product was discovered in Mexico. He is a Legal Mexican Immigrant in the US. The Product tested in Mexico. Yet despite all this he’s calling it an American product. Reyes says, “I’m an immigrant but I am not all the negative things they say about immigrants. I am giving back something good to society. Despite not the fact I don’t have expert medical knowledge.”

We agreed to not share his product information, nor promote his website. Simply because he wishes to let others know that he wants to let people know that immigrants living in the country can change the world.
“This needs to come out to the public. There are so many people losing extremities. With this wax, people will not need to amputate,” says Reyes.

Whether this home remedy works, that is left for medical professionals to decide.
The product has not been submitted to the food and drug administration.
It cannot be found over the counter and is not sold online either.
You can ask the inventor about this product at

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