BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A man was arrested after trying to run over a woman with a vehicle, police said.

Jorge Adrian Torres was arrested for aggravated assault with a motor vehicle, according to a media release by Brownsville PD.

On April 2, officers arrived at the intersection of Nafta Parkway and Highway 48 in reference to a disturbance. There they found Torres and a female victim arguing next to a white Ford Taurus.

Officers interviewed both Torres and the victim.

Police said that Torres was driving the vehicle while the victim was in the passenger seat. The two were arguing over the victim being “unfaithful to Torres,” the release stated.

The release then states that Torres struck the victim’s face several times, and pulled her hair as she tried to exit the vehicle.

When the victim was able to exit the vehicle, Torres followed her and tried to run her over, but she was able to move out of the way.

Torres was arrested and arraigned on April 2. He was given a bond of $10,000.