One man has been arrested and accused of attempting to smuggle three undocumented immigrants on an airplane.

Eric Adam Swede Hill was arrested by authorities.

Authorities said that on March 16 around 7:45 a.m., DPS called Border Patrol to establish citizenship on two subjects at the McCreery Aviation Company Airport in McAllen.

DPS investigators said they conducted a ramp check on a plane after they observed two male and one female subjects enter the aircraft.

According to the court filing, DPS said they received conflicting stories from all the subjects on the destination and relationship to each other.

Authorities said further investigation revealed that two subjects were Colombian nationals with no documents to be legally present in the United States.

All people were placed under arrest and taken to the Weslaco Border Patrol station.

During questioning, authorities said the two subjects stated that Hill was transporting illegal aliens for monetary gain.

No word if a bond has been set for Hill.