Making Prom Less Stressful with Donated Dresses

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Attending the Senior prom is a must for most high school students. But to some it may not be an option due to the cost.

Senior student, Savannah Lerma, says expenses can easily add up for students trying to go to prom,

“Dresses can get a little pricey. Especially if you want the bling, the fashion, whatever is in style and all that good stuff. It can come out to a good $200.”

Students and staff at PSJA Memorial Early College High School started a program called ‘Wendy’s Closet’. It is a prom dress drive to help senior students who may be having a difficult time buying a dress for prom or other end of the year activities.

The school’s student council sponsor, Aaron Lozano says there are a lot of students who need the help.

“We have a lot of students who are a little bit stretched financially, when it comes to their Senior year. So, we did want to provide an opportunity for them to borrow a dress for prom, and be able to feel special on prom night,” said Lozano.

Senior, Joe Garcia, says the last thing anyone wants to think about during prom is the expenses.

“Prom is a very special night. It’s one of the last days that all senior classes can share a memory together. We believe that finances shouldn’t get in the way of that”

So far over 50 dresses have been donated by a few students and staff. 

Business professor, Ariana Guel, took advantage of this program to make some space in her closet.

“I had several dresses that I never used, whether it was a bridesmaid dress or a dress that I wore for a wedding. I was never going to wear them again, so I decided I was going to donate whatever I had in my closet,” said Guel.

Senior, Savannah Lerma, says there are other students that can make better use of the dresses she doesn’t wear anymore.

“I donated three of my own dresses. They are dresses I’ve worn before, but then again I’ve only worn them one time. So, I felt like there’s no need for me to have them anymore. So I decided to go ahead and give them back to someone that will make good use of them,” said Lerma.

The dresses will be handed out to Senior girls at PSJA Memorial tomorrow. The organizers expect to expand this project across the district next year.

PSJA Memorial is still accepting dress, shoe, and monetary donations to dry clean some of the dresses.

If you would like to contribute, you can do so by contacting the school or emailing Jorge Lozano at:

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