‘Magic isn’t about the trick, it’s about the connection’: Local magician takes act virtually

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MCALLEN, Texas (KVEO) — Local professional magician, Fabian Moreno, is taking his act to the virtual screen through his show titled, ‘Fabian’s Wanderings: A Live Virtual Magic Experience.’ 

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The pandemic changed the way we interact with each other, Professional Magician Fabian Moreno said magic can cultivate a connection between people, even virtually. 

“Magic isn’t about the trick, it’s about the connection,” said Moreno. “The way I see it, magic is about creating and protecting human interactions, which are at the end of the day, sincere. And now with the virtual show, it is all about connection and relevance and a reminder of everything that’s going on, that’s actually good.”

Moreno’s love for magic began when he was about the age of a preschooler after his father showed him his first magic trick to calm him down. From then on, they became regulars at a local magic shop.  

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Moreno performed his first talent show at eight years old and has since worked his way into the collegiate performance market, performing all over the country while simultaneously perusing his education.  

“This is how I paid my way through school; this is how I paid my way through grad school. I got into magic when I was about six years old, I’m 28 now, so I wasted about the first six years of my life,” joked the McAllen native.  

Like most working in the entertainment industry, Moreno’s performances were impacted by the pandemic.  

“I had just finished my master’s program, and I had about 12 dates lined up right out the bat to perform at different parts of the country. And I remember being at the Houston airport on my way to Boston when the first confirmed case of COVID-19 was announced in Boston,” said Moreno.  

Moreno says he was reluctant to host his shows virtually at first.  

“I just felt like I had to get some of this material out to people, so it’s been really interesting to see this great turn out and reception to the shows,” said Moreno.  

The show, ‘Fabian’s Wanderings: A Live Virtual Magic Experience,’ is premised on connecting during these times.  

“It’s about relevance, how do we relate to each other in this very different time and age, which is what Wanderings is all about. And the best way to keep that intrigue, and that mystery and that magic alive, is with each other,” he said.  

Tickets for Moreno’s show are sold through his website, only one ticket can be purchased per household, for up to 25 households. The show will be performed in real-time and last 45 minutes.  

The next show will be Friday, January 29 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased here for $25.  

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