LYFORD, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Lyford CISD is getting some upgrades to its athletic and fine arts buildings. The majority of renovations involve improvements to the district’s air conditioning units and roads and are all part of a four-year project.  

“I think just the overall improvement of everything is in increasing everyone’s excitement,” said Aiden Romo, Lyford CISD student. 

The improvements to the facilities stem from a bond approved by voters during last year’s election. The bond gave the district $24 million for additions and renovations. A committee of community members, teachers, and administration decided what improvements were needed.  

“We try to get different types of people, different types of mindsets and opinions,” said Jerry Jauregui, Lyford CISD Athletic Director. “We brought them together to try to come up with a consensus on where this money should be used. Luckily for us, they did think that our athletic facilities needed an upgrade and we went ahead and moved forward with those upgrades and in our band and auditorium as well.”  

Several projects have already been completed, including upgrades to the baseball fields and tennis courts. 

“I mean, it’s night and day, I’m not gonna lie. By midseason form, it’s basically dirt. Some of the kids were falling and getting hurt and that was an area of concern, but now with a new turf that we have over there, those are not issues anymore,” Jauregui said.  

Romo, a junior at Lyford High School, has been playing on a dirt field since his freshman year.  

“On a dirt field, on a grass field, it’s pretty uneven. You have some holes, some high spots, and little hills here and there and with the turf, which is all flat,” Romo said. 

The previous baseball field would flood, which prevented Aiden and his teammates from doing what they love, which is playing baseball. 

“We’re not going to worry if it is going to rain today or in the next couple of days. So it just helps in not having to postpone or cancel games,” Romo adds.

The final phase of the project includes improvements to the fine arts auditorium.