PALMVIEW, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Summer is a great time to start a business, but doing it alone can be confusing, and guidance is not always available.

That’s why the Palmview Chamber of Commerce, the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, and Hidalgo County Precinct 3 have teamed up to create ‘Lunch n’ Learn.’ It’s a series of workshops designed to share information on how to run a successful business.

They will go over topics like determining your personal fit, evaluating your market, understanding financial needs, and how to pursue your business ideas.

“This is a good way to know if you are doing everything accordingly, you know, all the licenses and requirements that are needed,” said Linda Sarabia, Palmview Chamber of Commerce president. “It’s also good for those that already have a business to make sure you have a sort of a checklist to see if they’ve got everything in order and are doing things right.”

You do have to register before attending, and the first workshop will be held Tuesday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the precinct 3 meeting hall. If you are not able to make attend this session, there will be sessions held once every other month.

This workshop is also a networking opportunity for those in the business industry. Precinct 3 even offers resources for Hidalgo County residents.

“We have loans through SBA loans at a very low-interest rate for homes and also small businesses,” said Commissioner Everardo Villareal, Hidalgo County Pct. 3. “There’s a lot of things out there. I encourage my community to take advantage of all the opportunities out there, so your business can be a success.”

These workshops will happen every other month and are open to everyone in the Rio Grande Valley. Members of the Palmview Chamber of Commerce can attend for free. Non-members will have to pay $10.