Lucio hopes to retain office, while Tijerina attempts to make history

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HARLINGEN, Texas — In the Texas Senate Race for District 27, incumbent Senator Eddie Lucio Jr. faces off against Republican challenger Vanessa Tijerina.

Tijerina says she is fighting to become the first Latina Senator from South Texas, while Senator Lucio is looking to add to his 30 plus years career in the Texas senate.

Tijerina is a 9th generation Texan, who promises to fight for efficient government, better education, jobs, economic security, immigration and border security. She also pledges to fight against corruption, and equality and justice for everyone.

Tijerina also wants to bring a veteran’s hospital to the region, decriminalize marijuana, and advocates for the release of all TDCJ non-violent offenders in jail for cannibus related offenses.

Tijerna herself has been arrested 9 times in the past 5 years, calling the arrest political corruption, becoming a target after she spoke out against corruption. She hopes to make history this election.

“If we do this, this opens up the doors for females to rise exponentially and literally catalyze political evolution, that we probably have to wait years for. I’m hoping that by becoming the first female senator, this will allow many other females to enter into the political ring.” Says Tijerina

Lucio, a Brownsville Native has served 34 years as a legislator, 32 in the Texas Senate. Lucio says he fights for the creation of opportunities and advancements of the Hispanic population, running for the future of the region.

Senator Lucio recently led efforts advocating Governor Abbott and other state leaders to bring resources, funding, testing, personal protective equipment, student meals, and nurses to the region to battle against the rise of COVID.

Lucio also yields a great deal of power in the Senate, and is number 3 in seniority out of 31 senators.

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