Los Fresnos establishments suffer financial loss due to road construction

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LOS FRESNOS, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A Texas Department of Transportation road construction project in Los Fresnos is causing businesses to lose out on customers.

The TXDOT project is being done on State Highway 100/Ocean Boulevard to repair roads that have reportedly caused damage to vehicles and to bring sidewalks to ADA standard, according to Los Fresnos city manager, Mark Milum.

“I believe it was in May when it started and there was a lot of rain, so that caused problems,” said Milum.

He explained that the project was originally projected to reach completion in eleven months, but may be delayed because of rain.

The TXDOT project is to benefit the city. However, businesses are suffering financial loss.

“Well, that kind of killed our whole weekend business because people after waiting an hour in Los Fresnos they don’t want to kick in and grab a drink or grab a sandwich before they get to the island,” said Rio Grande Distillery lead distiller, Jerrod Henry.

Henry opened his business in March 2020 and said he had a good run until May came around.

“It’s a no brainer for me to pack up and go.” 

Jerrod Henry, Rio Grande Distillery lead distiller

He said he is unable to continue his business in Los Fresnos because of the loss of income caused by the construction and will relocate to Port Isabel.

Rio Grande Distillery is not the only business suffering because of the road construction project.

Godoy’s Bakery is also suffering financial loss.

“I’m not lying when I tell you, from one week to another, the sales dropped a lot,” said part-owner of Godoy’s Bakery, Sabino Godoy.

Godoy said the sales have dropped at least sixty percent since the construction started.

He said their location is suffering because it is a maze to get into their location.

Godoy explained they have made changes to the business in order to get through the difficult time.

“We are now making packaged flour tortillas, which is now helping us with payments,” said Godoy.

Further explaining they have considered relocating their business, but it is not easy with their current situation and it’s difficult for them to find a location that suits their needs.

Godoy said the TXDOT project has caused them more financial damage than the pandemic.

City Manager Milum said he understands the situation is tough and said they are trying to help.

“We are also doing promotions through our chamber and our economic development corporation,” said Milum.

Milum explained that the promotions are being done through social media posts and they are also working to provide assistance with access to business locations.

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