Los Fresnos CISD returning to full face-to-face instruction, say will accommodate students with medical conditions

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LOS FRESNOS, Texas (KVEO) — The Los Fresnos Consolidated School District announced in a letter to parents that it would be returning to full in-person learning on April 12. The announcement brought on various questions from concerned parents.

In the letter, Los Fresnos CISD Superintendent, Dr. Gonzalo Salazar, said district officials have been monitoring COVID-19 related data and have seen ‘encouraging trends’ in the numbers and infection rates.

That decline in numbers led them to the decision of reopening to complete in-person instruction.

KVEO spoke to the community on their concerns.

“For me, it’s too soon to put everyone in there together. You know they should wait a little longer until they are more safer, or until they got a vaccine,” said Leticia Gonzalez, a Los Fresnos resident.

Los Fresnos School District sent out the letter to parents on March 29. In the letter, Salazar told parents some students have been struggling emotionally and academically, and that “it is clear the majority would benefit from face-to-face instruction.”

“If it was my children, I would probably say let’s hold back a little bit. The children themselves cannot get the vaccine yet, and I’d be afraid of the possibility of them getting COVID-19,” said Dorothea Cole, Los Fresnos Resident.

 “We don’t know where the other students have been, or if they have been safe. Especially during spring break a lot of students went to spring break, without masks and everything. When they get back they can infect another person, and just pass it on,” said Kimberly Barragan, a student at Los Fresnos CISD.

We asked Salazar about those concerns. He said, since the Fall, campuses have had up to 60% of students doing face-to-face learning.

Dr. Salazar also said the district will be implementing CDC guidelines including wearing a face mask, temperature checks, and sanitizing.

“May would be the end of the school year, so I think they should wait for September. When school starts, then maybe by then they’ll be better things, and progress to where it will be [safer] for them,” said Leticia Gonzalez.

The district agreed it would be easier to wait until the school year is done but is instead choosing to do what they feel is right for the students.

KVEO also asked the district what would happen if a parent or student does not want to go back to face-to-face instruction. District officials said they will continue to accommodate students with medical conditions that keep them from attending in person.

If you would like to read the letter for yourself you can click here.

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