Los Fresnos CISD implementing seating charts to help with contact tracing

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LOS FRESNOS, Texas (ValleyCentral) – One of the challenges facing schools right now is minimizing exposure to COVID-19. Los Fresnos CISD has a district-wide plan to keep as many kids in class as possible and it all starts with the seating chart.

“Anytime you have one positive case, out of an abundance of caution we may end up quartering a large number of students,” said Superintendent Dr. Gonzalo Salazar.

Teachers in elementary schools are implementing seating charts in classes in order to keep certain students together at all times.

“If kids move to a music class or a science lab, we try to keep them seated in the same general vicinity around the same kids,” Salazar said.

The COVID-19 seating charts are not just being used in elementary school classrooms but across all grade levels and campuses.

Cameron County Health Authority Dr. James Castillio said other school districts in the county are also practicing similar safety measure. Dr. Castillio said keeping students in smaller groups will make contact tracing easier.

“The idea is if you have these pods of people and if you have a case it’s going to be in that group it’s not that you are going to be mixing one person potentially exposing 50 versus if you can limit it to 5,” Dr. Castillo said.

“Anytime you have an enrollment over 10,100 student’s kids, you break that down by campuses and even by classroom it becomes this huge task of contact tracing,” Salazar said.

But even though the new school year has just begun, Los Fresnos CISD hopes it can keep everyone safe as best as possible.

“18 months ago, we did not have a game plan,” Salazar said. “Now we have these best practices that we continue to refine, to make everyone’s job a lot easier.”

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