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HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — COVID-19 vaccines are starting to become more widely available to those in phase 1B, but people are having trouble finding where they can actually get the vaccine.

If you’re looking for places to get the Covid-19 vaccine, you can go to the ‘Texas Covid-19 Vaccine Availability’ page on the DSHS website. This link will take you there.

The ‘Texas Covid-19 Vaccine Availability’ page has a map where you can search for vaccination providers within 100 miles of your house.

Video example showing the find vaccine provider function in action.

The page also has a map showing all of the locations that have received vaccines in the Rio Grande Valley so far. DSHS uses blue dots to denote which site has vaccines available, and a red dot to say which ones have none left.

However, KVEO has noticed the page isn’t continuously updated, most of the dots either have a ‘last updated’ time that either isn’t there or is from early in the morning and potentially no longer correct.

A screenshot of the ‘Texas Covid-19 Vaccine Availability’ page on the DSHS website that shows a location that supposedly had vaccines available, but did not say when the number of vaccines was last updated. When KVEO called this location, they informed us that they had already given away their last vaccines.

There is a lot of frustration around finding information about COVID-19 vaccination availability in the Rio Grande Valley. To help out, KVEO’s digital team created a page that has more information to help you out.

KVEO also made calls to local pharmacies, hospitals and private medical practices to see how accurate the numbers DSHS were reporting actually were.

Of the ten or so places we called that were listed as having the vaccine, only one actually did, and they were not administering vaccines to the public.

That is itself another problem; the website makes no distinction between places that are offering the vaccine to the public and those that are not.

Unfortunately, for now, the most reliable way for the average person on the phase 1B group to get a vaccine is through the vaccination drives hosted by Hidalgo or Cameron counties, if you can get in line early enough.

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