From kindergarten to high school, local triplets will be graduating one last time together from UTRGV. Joshua, Victoria and Zachary Perez are fraternal triplets with a minute difference between them.

The triplets will be graduating from UTRGV with a bachelor in biology. While they share ambitious goals, they said it is an advantage.

“Well usually they’re the ones that drive to school, sometimes if I have a test in the morning,” said Victoria. “I’ll be studying on the car ride to school, which was nice.”

“It’s usually fun, studying with them and sometimes we do homework together and that would usually go by pretty quickly,” said Zachary.

“If one of us understood something, we could kind of teach each other,” said Joshua.

They also said that school exams often turned into competitions, which motivated them even more to study and get better scores.

Although they were all biology majors at UTRGV, they will be moving on to pursuing their masters in different fields.

Victoria will be pursuing a master’s in manufacturing engineering at UTRGV while Joshua will be going to the same institution, but will continue to study biology.

Joshua, on the other hand, will be attending UT-Austin College of Pharmacy in the fall, which will be something new to the siblings as they are used to each other’s company.

“For Josh because he’s going to Austin for pharmacy, that’s going to be a huge difference,” Victoria said. “We’ve always been next to each other [so] it’s going to be kind of nerve wracking knowing someone’s somewhere else.”

“From now on, we’re going to have to take our own separate path and we have to become individuals,” Zachary said.