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Volunteers are heading to Louisiana from all over the country and that includes the Rio Grande Valley. Among those providing help and rescue are volunteers from the Red Cross South Texas Chapter in Harlingen.

“This is a real plead for help from the state of Louisiana. This flood could be as big as sandy, it could exceed Sandy,” says Red Cross South Texas Regional Engagement Coordinator Andy Treat.

The first two volunteers out of our American Red Cross South Texas chapter are making their way to Baton Rouge right now.

“We’re getting requests in for volunteers…and when we talk about positions in need of people it’s mammoth,” says Treat.

About 10-thousand Baton Rouge residents are already in American Red Cross shelters and 30-thousand more are expected to come through in need of assistance. With school calling in the usual volunteers, teachers and college students, the South Texas Chapter is in desperate need.

“I would say by the end of the week, i probably will send three or five more. It’s just right at this moment, they are not available,” says Treat.

Doug Peach shows us around the red cross facility to showcase just a little of what the red cross has to offer… aside from toiletries and blankets, forty to fifty of these red cross vehicles will make a difference.

“And so they do not have a mean to cook a meal or such so these vehicles will be loaded down with food in the mornings and noon and the evenings and they’ll actually go up and down those streets passing out food,” says Treat.

Again our friends in Louisiana desperately need your help and the Red Cross South Texas chapter is looking for over 200 volunteers. So if you think you have about two weeks of your time, come on out to the Harlingen location. They will train you, they will pay for all of your expenses, and you can help make a difference.

 Andy Treat estimates the rescue and relief efforts could last up to six weeks.

     For more information on how you can help and volunteer call the South Texas Chapter in Harlingen at 956- 423- 0523.

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