Local school districts amp up prevention amidst coronavirus

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Nurse’s room at Hendricks Elementary School (Source: CBS 4 News)

Hidalgo County Health Officials discussed preventative measures with local school districts on Tuesday as concerns over the coronavirus spread.

Yesenia Trevino, health services coordinator for Mission Consolidated Independent School District (CISD) said they are taking the precautions they would just like any other virus.

“We track the flu on a weekly basis and depending on the reports and the areas that are mostly infected, we will do the E-mist in those areas a little bit more frequently than maybe once a week,” said Trevino.

In addition, they’re also focusing on the importance of hygiene.

“We are working together with the coaches and our principals in posting videos early in the morning, maybe during their morning announcements, short videos where the kids can get a little bit more information on the importance of handwashing and how long to do it,” said Trevino.

It’s the same steps Adalia Del Bosque, director of health services at McAllen ISD, said they are also taking.

“To train our students to continue with good hand washing, covering their cough and their sneeze,” said Del Bosque.

The school districts want parents not to worry but encourage them to also take preventative steps at home.

“We do encourage our students that if they have [a] fever to remain home until their fever free for 24 hours without fever-reduced and suppressed medication,” said Del Bosque.

“I think when we start at home with something like that, that goes into our schools,” said Trevino.

Trevino and Del Bosque said it’s not too late for parents or students to get their flu shots and encourages them to get vaccinated.

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