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DONNA, Texas – Socioeconomic status is proving an impact on children’s education and performance now more than ever.

For many, not returning to campus soon is good news. However, for those living in a community that lacks resources, it is devastating.

“I basically don’t do school online. I just do writing. My teachers do call me and ask if I can go online and I say no because there’s no internet here,” said Donna ISD student Ashley Rocha.

Ashley and her brother Angel Rocha live in rural Donna where many do not have WiFi. The pair tells us they have never even owned a laptop.

“I always wanted to do online school but I don’t have a computer or nothing to study here,” said Rocha.

How do they do their work?

“At school they just give me some books to work and then I drop it off at the school,” said Rocha.

For Angel Rocha, the experience is even more unique as he advances to what he says will be harder school work.

“I’m nervous because we don’t have internet here and I need to study because I am going into middle school,” he added.

Their father Arturo Rocha picks up small construction jobs occasionally. He said it is only enough to feed his kids and maybe pay some bills.

“My kids know more than I do,” their father said.

Besides the lack of money, Rocha said he can not help his kids with their education because he doesn’t know how to read or write.

“My dad doesn’t know how to get it he doesn’t know anything about computers or how to get internet.”

The good news is Donna ISD is proposing to install a dozen WiFi towers within the districts jurisdiction stating this will grant WiFi to most, if not all students.

While the $3.7 million proposal is pending approval by the School Board of Trustees, all Donna ISD students will be receiving iPads or Chromebooks for the upcoming school year.

If approved, the towers will be operating by late September or early October.

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