Local Republicans Seek Younger Voters Ahead of Next Election

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February 07 2021 06:00 pm

“Seize this moment, believe in yourselves, believe in your future, and believe once more in America.” said President Donald Trump Tuesday’s joint address to Congress. Democrats in attendance were overwhelmingly not relishing Trump’s scripted message. However, local republican leaders hope to capitalize on trump’s softer more unifying approach.

The morning after President Trump’s address local Republican were sworn into office. The Republican Club of Brownsville took their oath and Trump’s message to voters ahead of the next local and state election cycle. “I always tell people don’t vote for the party, vote for the individual” said Cameron County Republican Party Chair Morgan Graham. She is tasked with recruiting new voters and educating the community on Republican values. Graham is aware she has her work cut out for her in Cameron County.

Statistically voters in border communities don’t vote Republican. In 2016’s General Election all Cameron County elected positions were filled by Democrats. According to Graham, Republican voters are in their 50 years of age, she hopes Trump will bring young voters and more lifelong Republicans “Our younger conservative and our College Republicans are starting to get more invigorated. They’re starting to see more interest in it and it’s one of the good things that we have seen come out of this presidential race. It’s an increased interest in involvement in politics period. Whether somebody agrees with me or not, the fact that they’re interested is of the utmost importance because the dialogue is what I think leads to progress” said Graham. She understands acquiring new voters is a hard sell in border communities because of president trump’s previous remarks on immigration but believes communication and tapping into the policies for people, and not the politics for the party.

News Center 23 asked “appealing to that broader voter base here in border communities, how do you plan on doing that and changing voters here that seems adamant about being against Trump [policies]?” “I don’t think that our goal should be to change the voters but rather come up with Superior candidates we’re able to appeal two people regardless of their partisan inclinations.” Said Graham. She also added, “People are just tired of politicians and quite frankly I don’t blame them. I’m with them on that one.”


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