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Here in the Rio Grande Valley, the frustration was loud and clear. Local immigrant activists stood outside of the federal courthouse in McAllen to protest the Supreme Court’s ruling.

“Of course our families are very disappointed” “it hurts” “I’m very disappointed at the court system”

“We’re going to continue this fight because this fight is really for the values of this nation”

These are the voices of only a few of the millions who are being affected by the Supreme Court’s block against President Obama’s immigration plan.

“This decision should have been to uphold the values of this nation, to keep families together.”

Nelly Curiel says she was eagerly awaiting for this day to come. But after hearing the Supreme Court ruling, she’s back to living in fear.

Nelly Curiel, “I live in fear every day. Every day I wake up and go to work. Every time I take my kids to school, I always wonder if today will be the last day I see them and take them to school.”

Local activists say this is not a fight they are willing to give up anytime soon.

Amber Arriaga-Salinas from Proyecto Azteca says, “The way that they’re going to show that they’re fighting is to show up at the polls and vote for the people that support comprehensive immigration reform.”

Immigrant protestors have one message for the local community.

Abraham Diaz, UTRGV student says, “We’re going to be organizing even more, to be fighting for immigrant rights. This is not the end. This is just to keep the injunction. It doesn’t mean that the DACA and DAPA case is over. It just means that there’s still a fight and we will keep on fighting.”

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