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HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — As summer winds down, students across the Valley are preparing to return to the classroom. Governor Greg Abbott’s executive order prohibited public schools to enforce mask mandates for students, however, private schools have the option.

KVEO visited Calvary Christian School in Harlingen to find out what safety procedures they will take as they prepare to bring in all 190 students back to campus.

“We’re back to normal but with some precautions, we realized that we were good to have anyway,” said Principal Jan Libert.

With just over two weeks away from the start of the new school year, Calvary Christian has been following state guidelines despite being a private school.

“We followed the mask mandates that the governor established which was basically 10 years old and over need to wear masks,” Libert said. “The ones under didn’t need to so, our younger students did not wear masks our older students and teachers did where the mask mandate.”

But now that there is no mask mandate for schools across the state, Calvary Christian won’t enforce masks for students either. But besides from extra sanitizing, the school is also taking other safety precautions.

“We’ll keep some of the practices that we have,” Lieber said. “We have distancing circles that we use we are trying to keep the kids in the same groups together all day long, so we are not intermingling quite as much.”

No virtual options will be available to students either, but parents like Michele Blackburn are comfortable with sending their kids back to school in person.

“I trust our leadership here at the school and our school board and I know it’s a lot of people that are coming together and they are praying about what is the best thing for our students and our teachers,” Blackburn said.

Calvary Christian does have procedures in place if a student tests positive for COVID-19 on campus, such as notifying the health department and parents.

Students will head back to school in person on August 18.

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