BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Biden administration is looking to crack down on ghost guns. Here in the valley, some concern is being raised about untraceable weapons. 

“It’s hard to understand where these guns are being sold or who has possession of how many,” said Martin Sandoval, Public Information Officer for the Brownsville Police Department.

The creation of ghost guns at home is not illegal here in Texas, but selling them could put people in a lot of trouble.

“Since you manufactured it at your house for your own personal use, they don’t have to report it to the ATF. The only thing is if you are going to sell that gun you have to put a serial number on it and you have to file the paperwork,” said Sandoval.

Officer Sandoval said registered guns allow them to trace them when an incident occurs, adding that ghost guns could make it difficult but not impossible.

“Can we still trace a gun? Yes, we can through ballistics, we can always trace guns through ballistics,” he said.

President Biden is proposing a plan to regulate gun kits and gun parts. The new rule would mean a piece cannot be sold unless it has a serial number and a buyer must go through a background check. Officer Sandoval said there are pros and cons if this regulation becomes a reality.

“The pro thing is that we would have something that is traceable no matter what part you use, it can be a con because people might think it is a violation of your right to own a firearm,” said Sandoval.

Sandoval added it’s up to our government to make those decisions and officers will abide by the law. Meanwhile, Sandoval said this could also impact local gun shops. 

“I’m sure it’s going to make an impact on them because now they would have to add serial numbers to every single part and of course, it’s going to cost time and money,” he said.

While no decision has been made by the Biden administration, Sandoval said the community’s safety is their number one priority.