HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The leaked U.S. Supreme Court draft opinion on abortion could throw out the court’s Roe v. Wade abortion ruling.

Organizations on both sides of the abortion issue expressed their opinions on the draft.

Sean Mehl, the associate director of clinical services at Whole Woman’s Health, said although the leaked document is not a final decision, it is still heartbreaking for his patients, but he is making sure they are aware of the current laws.

“Right now, abortion is still legal. Patients that have appointments should continue to keep them. Patients can still make appointments. Nothing has changed from a legal landscape with that regard,” he said.

He said although there are not any changes yet, the organization is prepared for any outcome.

“We are no stranger to Texas passing restrictions about abortion access. We will continue to challenge and maintain this access whenever we can in whatever way we can,” said Mehl.

Sarah Luna, the founder of RGV Fight for Life, said her organization is currently on hold but said there is still work to be done.

“This is the time more than ever to assist pregnancy resource centers, to assist women and families in these unplanned pregnancies to create more pro-life public policy and so that is going to be our effort, thus forward until the Supreme Court issues an official decision,” said Luna.

She explained her thoughts on the reasoning behind the leak.

“We do believe that it’s an attempt of the left to cause an uproar in the nation to pressure the supreme court judges to chain their decision,” said Luna.

Luna said the issue of abortion should have been left to the people and state and added she is looking forward to the future.

“It’s going to be an exciting time. I’m excited to see this country that will not only, hopefully, make abortion illegal but unthinkable and assist these women in families in pursuing true empowerment and support,” said Luna.

Both Luna and Mehl said they are dedicated to educating the community on the resources available when it comes to pregnancy and abortion.

“I think if this results from a decision from the Supreme Court or if it’s kind of business as usual as the state legislature has done for years, we will be prepared to answer whatever that need may be,” said Mehl.