The Team Walkerpete Foundation of Harlingen is collecting gift cards to local restaurants for the parents and caregivers of sick children who will spend the holidays in the hospital.

Team Walkerpete, a charity organization, aims to provide emotional, as well as financial, support to families affected by childhood cancer in the Valley.

Parents often struggle as they must balance caring for their sick children and finding time to care for themselves.

“Another part of that is giving back to families who are faced with that diagnosis because it’s different when it’s a child versus an adult. The child has to have someone care for them, take them to their appointments, stay with them in the hospital,” says Judi Peters, Team Walkerpete’s founder.

So far, the foundation has gathered over $1,000 in gift cards to local and chain restaurants and continues to accept donations through Facebook Donate or in person at the following locations:

Boggus Ford, Harlingen

Bonham Elementary School, Harlingen

Palm Valley Gymnastics, Harlingen

Welsey Preschool, Harlingen