BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — This holiday season some may be facing homelessness and struggling with food insecurity, but the Ozanam Center in Brownsville is preparing to receive more people.

The Ozanam Center’s director, Victor Maldonado, said the center provides shelter, meals, a good pantry and is expecting an increase soon.

“We are preparing because we will eventually see folks coming into the shelter as we get the colder days ahead,” he said.

As those days approach, the center is prepared for people at the shelter with their men, women, coed, and family facilities.

“We have a capacity of two hundred, for two hundred individuals, but we see around 60 to 75 individuals daily,” he said.

Maldonado explained the shelter aims to get people back into the community through other programs.

“We have a program that is funded through the city, and it’s called the Rapid Rehousing. When a family comes in and doesn’t have a place to live, we try to work with them through our case managers so we can get them back into the community by paying their deposit for rental units and the rent, it could be up to three, six or twelve months,” he said.

The center also provides educational resources such as training on computers, ESL, and electrician courses to help their clients get back to the workforce.

Maldonado said in order to keep up with the demand for resources, the shelter is also in need of help as we approach the colder season.

“We are needing coats, boots, shoes, blankets, and monetary donations if there is someone who wants to donate so we can continue providing the services to the folks who are in need,” he said.

The monetary donations allow the center to keep operating and providing services year-round, according to Maldonado.

“We are always open, I think that any time of the day that you want to come in or a family needs to come in, we are going to be open, we don’t shut our doors,” said Maldonado.

For more information on the Ozanam Center and its services or to donate to the center, visit their website.