HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — This week the federal government launched its website to order free COVID-19 testing kits. As more COVID-19 testing is being done from home, local health experts are urging the public to report their results.

Cameron County Health Authority tells Valley Central rapid tests are accurate 80% of the time. But there is also the risk of getting a false negative.

“Especially if you have been exposed to COVID, or you have symptoms of COVID, even if you test negative, please keep isolating until you are much better until your symptoms are resolved and typically, you would repeat this test on the third day of symptoms,” Castillo said.

But more at-home tests have impacted the amount people that are actually reporting their results.

“We don’t find out that they are positive because they quarantine, and then they get back to work once that they are no longer testing positive,” said Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino. “That’s good but the problem with that is that we don’t have those numbers.”

Cameron County has now launched a feature where residents can now report positive COVID-19 cases on the public health website.

Pharmacist Dr. Bobby Muniz has given out many COVID-19 tests for his customers. Dr. Muniz says to get the most accurate results is to always follow the directions and to always be consistent when testing others.

“If there is one person in the household that is going to be testing everybody, what we know is that it is the same person that is usually going to prevent error,” Muniz said. ” You want that same person that’s going to be testing everybody that way we can be constant.”