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HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Toys are the most common Christmas gifts for children but they can also put them in a life-threatening situation. 

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), kids ages four and younger are the most at risk for injury or a life-threatening situation with toys.

Valley Baptist Pediatrician Dr. Asim Zamir said toys with small pieces increase the chances for a child to choke. He said it is important for parents to choose age-appropriate toys.

“Some toys have small parts and objects in which can be swallowed and there can be choking episodes which can be dangerous to the child; magnets have been used a lot in toys and can cause more of a hazard situation,” he said.

If a child starts to choke, Dr. Zamir advises taking action.

“If the child is choking, hold the child, try to do one side of the face and call 911 immediately for help; do not try to remove or look inside the mouth, it might be sitting around the mouth and if you try to open it or remove it, it may go back into the airway and be more dangerous and more hazardous,” he said.

In addition to magnets, batteries are also a hazard to children.

Dr. Zamir encourages parents to take CPR courses because it helps them to be prepared in case a life-threatening situation arises.

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