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HARLINGEN, Texas – While many people are stocking up on toilet paper and other household necessities, other items that are selling out are guns and ammunition.

Lone Star Guns in Harlingen is one of many who have been seeing a rise in sales of these items, and the COVID-19 outbreak being the reason for it.

“As of now we’re pretty much sold out of everything that has been in high demand.”

Brian Guerra is the owner of Lone Star Guns. With empty gun racks and empty shelves, it has been this way the past couple weeks. It’s no secret the coronavirus outbreak has people worrying.

Guerra says these panic purchases are quite common in these situations.

“Any time that you have any type of worry like this where people have to shelter in place and stay at home, they know their supplies are limited. They usually will look at what happens if we need to protect our home and our supplies.”

With the spike in gun and ammunition purchases, Guerra says there is no timeline of when they will be receiving more ammunition from their supplier.

“We did put in an order of stuff before everything did start getting a little hectic, but our suppliers are backed up, as far as ammunition goes, they’ve actually given us no date as to when they can start delivering ammunition again.”

If you are thinking of buying a gun or ammunition, Guerra wants to remind people that it is a purchase that should not be taken lightly.

“It’s not something that you should consider like toilet paper. This is a very dangerous product if not used properly. We tell people when they come in and they’re not familiar with firearms or they’re just wanting to get one just in case, we remind them of safe storage and we remind them of proper use of a firearm.”

Lone Star Guns is currently closed to the public because of the stay at home order. People can still purchase firearms online and Lone Star Guns will still be receiving those shipments. As a reminder you still have to undergo a federal background check for all firearm purchases.

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