Local grocery stores brace themselves for another wave of panic buying

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HARLINGEN, Texas- As the Rio Grande Valley continues seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases, local grocery stores are worried this could cause more panic buying. 

It was not long ago people were racing to the grocery stores and emptying the shelves.

“It was pretty unbelievable,” said Adam Thompson, owner of True Food Markets in Harlingen. “I had just restocked on eggs, I literally had 100 dozen eggs that were gone before noon.”

As things started getting back to normal for some stores, Thompson said another lockdown could have people stocking up. 

“We’ve noticed that as it does restrict a little more, we see a little more grocery buying. I think if they do lock it down like they did before maybe we’ll see some more influx,” said Thompson.

While there is no current lockdown in place, many grocery store owners advise not to panic buy as they say the food supply chain is intact. 

“We’re always going to get our supplies. There’s no need to rush to a grocery store and thinking that if you don’t get it now you won’t be able to get it later,” said Steve Sigloch, president of Grocery Services Inc.

As for small family owned grocery stores some are preparing, just in case.  

“For right now if there is surplus because there isn’t panic buying we are trying to process foods or deep freeze items anything we can do to prolong that life,” said Thompson.

Thompson adds that wiping out shelves only causes more panic within communities, but encourages people to stock up responsibly. 

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