Local event centers step up safety protocols after Astroworld tragedy

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RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Following the deadly Astroworld festival in Houston that claimed the lives of 9 people, Governor Greg Abbott has announced a task force for concert safety. Now, local concert venues are stepping up their safety efforts.

“When you see an event that big and they had personnel but it’s just something broke down somewhere and so our goal is to prevent that breakdown,” said Danny Ramirez EMS Chief and Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Pharr.

Ramirez said whenever they host large events they prepare for the unimaginable. He said they do that in an effort to keep concert-goers safe and prevent tragedies.

“Anything that might happen whether it’s a shooting something like this where people are rushing the crowd and so those are the things that we look at,” said Ramirez.

In order to keep concert-goes safe Ramirez explained some protocols in place and strategies, they use to ensure their safety.

“When we have our events, for example, downtown we have cameras all over downtown and we’re watching. Is the crowd too big? and we have the ability to stop the show quickly if we need to,” he said.

Event centers like the Bert Ogden Arena are equipped with their own security but sometimes ask for help from neighboring cities if the event is too big. The marketing manager ensures the staff is trained to handle any altercation.  

“If we can intervene in a safe manner we do but if they don’t feel comfortable then they know who to reach out to the leads or to the securities so they can step in and calm the situation or escort anyone out,” said Griselda Morales the Marketing Manager at Bert Ogden Arena.

Morales adds there are a number of things prohibited to getting into the venue. Some of them include umbrellas, firearms, backpacks, inflatables, or aerosol cans just to name some. Morales said depending on the tour more regulations can be added.

“Each tour will have their own additional things, sometimes it’ll align and our rules and regulations are enough, some tours require extra stuff so that can kind of vary,” she said.

Both Ramirez and Morales said they are keeping an eye on the Astroworld investigation to learn from the incident and prevent that from happening here. 

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