EDINBURG, Texas — A call for tariffs from President Trump on Mexico may have a large impact on trade along the border region. Local economists saying Texas may one of the most devastated by the taxes on imported goods. It’s a story we’ve been following closely on Local 23 News.

This stems from an announcement by President Trump over a request over immigration. Today, the president of Mexico answering back saying there will be a deal before the June deadline. 

Right here in the Rio Grande Valley, we speak to Dr. Salvador Contreras, a UTRGV associate professor and local economist who has been tracking the tariffs President Trump has made in China. We ask what impact the new proposal would have with one of the country’s largest trading partners.

“What’s different between the Chinese tariffs and the Mexican tariffs is that Mexico is more integrated in the supply chain with the U.S. Manufacturing.” 

Unlike China, the U.S.- Mexico trade relationship has been one of manufacturing as opposed to finished goods. That relationship could cause harm in other sectors beyond an increase in price to consumers. 

“The Perryman Group estimates that Texas is likely to suffer the most from these tariffs. They estimate that Texas is likely to lose 117,000 jobs as a result of these tariffs in Mexico.”

Right now it’s unclear whether the tariffs will go into effect, an immigration solution will be drafted or if no change will occur.