Local fashion designer making masks to help with healthcare needs

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Laisa Macias making face masks from her home (Source: Laisa Macias)

A local fashion designer is stepping up to help those in the front lines of the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

Laisa Macias, owner and designer of LALA began creating face masks at the requests of friends and family in the medical field.

“A lot of healthcare friends of mine have said they have to reuse their masks, they have to get one mask for their 12 hour shift,” said Macias.

Now Macias is sewing away to meet the needs of local healthcare facilities.

“I think what really put into perspective for me was when these larger companies reached out to me and I guess by just word of mouth and are trying to order like 200, 300 at a time,” said Macias. “That says to me [that] if those people can’t get what they need and they’re having to reach out to a local person then clearly there’s a much bigger need than what it may seem like.”

Macias said she is making the masks production style and adds that they are very similar to surgical masks.

“So, it expands out the same way that they do, flip it and then it has the nose bridge on so it has the wire here so you can pinch it down and it does have these elastics that go around your ear that you can adjust to size,” explained Macias. “And once that adjusted you can pull the little knot in so it doesn’t bother you and it also has a pocket on the inside for a filter.”

Macias said she’s backed up on orders and is calling out all seamstresses to help keep up with the demand.

“Some people have actually donated money and so with that money I’m just buying the supplies and if anybody has extra time and knows how to sew,” said Macias. “We’ll continue to make the masks and donate those to anybody in need.”

According to the CDC, if face masks are not available one of the options include homemade masks.

If you would like to volunteer and help, you can contact Macias on Facebook.

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