BROWNSVILLE, Texas – Obtaining an identification card can be difficult for some people which is why a local church is stepping in to ease the process.

The St. Eugène de Mazenod Catholic Church in Brownsville and Valley Interfaith are helping members of their parish obtain ID cards. The identification is not government issued, but will help members identify themselves to local law enforcement, regardless of their legal status.

Nancy Cruz a parishioner at the church tells Local 23 why they are seeing a need for photo id’s.

“It’s important for us to help them out. They can feel at ease so they can take their kids to school and feel that they can do it. They won’t have that fear saying ‘oh well I don’t have an ID, I don’t have anything to show and having to be taken in by ICE’.”

Cruz says the ID’s do not guarantee that law enforcement won’t investigate them if stopped, but says it’s better than not having any identification at all. The next ID fest will be held on Saturday at St. Eugène de Mazenod Catholic Church in Brownsville.