HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Truck driver and supply shortages across the nation have slowed down a lot of holiday items this year including Christmas trees, but Hoodville Trees in Harlingen is fully stocked and open for business.

The owner of Hoodville Trees, Irma Solis, said they have been selling Christmas trees for over thirty years.

Each year the Christmas tree lot stocks up on Noble, Douglas, and Fraser fir trees for the community to purchase, with the exception of last year.

Irma Solis’s mother, Janie Solis, passed away last year before the holidays and the family decided to close for the year because of her passing and the pandemic.

However, the Solis family made a decision to reopen this year.

“We’re excited but we were a little scared because she was the one that was telling us what to do when to go, but excited because it’s something she would want,” said Solis.

She said amid nationwide shortages, she and her family planned ahead to ensure they could get their trees and drivers to transport.

 “Having scarce trees around, that’s going to be the hardest part for a lot of people, we’re just glad we got them,” said Solis.

The prices of trees and transportation services have gone up, according to Solis, and she said customers can expect some price changes.

 “The amount of money that went up on trucking and the trees, of course, all that put together it’s just a little bit of change in price range, but we will try to keep it to something that we’ve always had,”  she said.

Prices on the trees can range from about $55 to $200, and she said one 16 foot tree was reserved and sold for $1,200.00.

She said the trees usually sell out and with fewer Christmas tree vendors this year, she’s expecting the first load of trees to be gone even sooner.

“It’s this load and then one more load and normally everything is gone, and I have a feeling this year it’s going to be a little bit faster than normal,” said Solis.

Solis said the planning takes the whole year and labor is a lot, but they are happy and ready to welcome back their customers this year.

“It does take a while, it’s not a month process, especially with the trees being scarce, but we got it done, so that was good,” she said.