SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Many local business may be having a successful Memorial Day weekend this year, but all depends on who you ask.

Some business owners said this year has been noticeably slower compared to years prior.

“Last year it was really packed. I sold out of all my golfcarts. Here, hopefully we can do the same,” Island Surf Rental employee, Liz Gomez said.

However, other business are excited to see how much busier it has been.

“It’s been fantastic. As you can see, the traffic’s been non-stop all day,” operations director of Island Fun Park, Jerry Leal said.

Other business owners said however it is too early to tell but he will continue to be optimistic.

“If we compare last year with this year, I cannot say right now… If you talk about spring break comparatively last year, it was not good. The whole month of May is not good as comparatively last year,” general manager of South Padre Inn, Atif Farooqui said.

Leal said he thinks the weather may be partly responsible but it is a better turnout than they expected.

“With there being inconsistent weather the last couple of weeks, I think the buildups only been, you know, it’s only been bigger and bigger,” Leal said.

Farookey said he believes there are other reasons why business has been slow such local government not promoting the area enough or scheduling enough special events.

“More events, we are not seeing this time from the city and other organizations that usually organize the concerts…I think city’s supposed to step up forward and do more marketing,” Farooqui said.

However, Leal disagree he believes the city has done enough and has been very good about reaching out to his business.

“I think they’re doing a great job. They’re always looking for more ways to reach out. We get emails all the time to participate in their campaigns as far as outreach campaigns go, and all that good stuff. So, as far as I’ve seen, their initiative’s been on point,” Leal said.

Both Leal and Farookey agree it is important for the city to continue to promote the island outside the region.

However, Farookey is concerned a slow summer may carry over into the off season and would like local organization to direct advertising towards Winter Texans.