Local Boxer Captures #1 Seed in USA Boxing Tournament

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Hundreds try to be the best, but only one claim the title of boxing champion.

KVEO met with Emmet Villalpando, a young boxer who recently came back from the 2018 Eastern Elite Qualifiers and beat the top boxer in his division.

“It’s been kind of hard. Last year I came up short. I lost in Chattanooga, Tennessee,” says Villalpando, “This year I won in Chattanooga, Tennessee and I got ranked number one.”

As of this month the 13-year-old is currently the best fighter in the intermediate 70 Pound Division. He started boxing at the Age of 5. He works hard in the gym looking up to his idol, professional boxer Brandon Figueroa.

“I practice six days a week and Sunday conditioning.” – Villalpando.

His mentor, his coach, and one of his biggest supporters is his father. He trains Emmet every day.  He says Emmett stands out as a fighter with his ring IQ, able to adapt, and counter as needed. 

“We’re real happy because we beat the number one seat over there,” says his father Albert Villalpando.

The young boxer is getting noticed, not just by the fierce competition looking to take his number one spot but by one of his idols.

Brandon Figueroa, Pro Boxer, “I see him. He puts his hard work in the gym. He comes here and he’s the last one to leave. Definitely, props to Emmet.”

For now Emmet trains at Pantera Boxing Gym in Weslaco. Where the young boxer is preparing for the next fight.

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