In the wake of a mass shooting on Friday at the Ft. Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport, locals traveling out of the Rio Grande Valley are on heightened alert. 

“I was just shocked,” said Ohio resident Michael Laughlin. “It made me really sad because it’s kind of the new normal.” 

Local airport officials are working to take the proper security measures to protect travelers. 

“Our response to what’s happening out there is to make sure our officers are familiar with our plans and that everyone is vigilant,” said Valley International Airport Director of Aviation Marv Esterly. 

Esterly said he cannot publicly discuss security operations due to safety concerns, but he can assure that there is a specific protocol being followed. 

VIA airport administrators will be meeting with Transportation Security Administration officials in the next few weeks to update any changes that may come to airport security as a result of the shooting in Florida.

“Nothing’s getting done it’s just a lot of rhetoric that we don’t need,” said Brownsville resident Oscar Treviño. “We need action.” 

Residents are reminded to always be aware of their surroundings when traveling. 

“Don’t think your being overly sensitive or anything like that, please talk to an officer you see,” said Esterly.