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Less than a month ago, South Padre Island unveiled new artistic lifeguard towers. Today, the artists learned someone vandalized one of the towers. News Center 23’s Derick Garcia spoke with the artist who helped beautify the towers and learned the damage is much more than just on the surface.

Christina Salazar, one of the artists says, “I feel really sad for whoever did this because you don’t understand what we did.”

A busted guitar, on a beautifully colored life guard tower dangles right behind Wanna Wanna’s.

A vandal broke the guitar sometime this week. Christina Salazar, owns a boutique in Port Isabel.

She is also one of the artists who helped turn the lifeguard towers from a plain high chair into a work of art. Now, it’s damaged and will need to be repaired.

Christina Salazar, “For me it was more than just a project it’s something I’ve had on my mind since I was a kid.”

The beautification project took negotiating and artists from across the Rio Grande Valley. The artists, did the work for free with art supplies being donated by the South Padre Island Fire Department Beach Patrol. For Christina, the chairs are a labor of love. Salazar can’t help take something like this personal and so do the other artists they’re looking to press charges on whoever vandalized the tower.

But not everyone thinks the busted guitar is a bad look. Mark Standiford and Josh Wink of Jim’s Beach Service say, “I think It’s awesome what they did, It’s a bummer they broke it but I still think it looks kind of cool just got some wear and tear. Adds a little character, I agree.”

But for Christina Salazar, the “character takes away from the island’s progress of becoming a more family friendly environment.

Salazar says, “I feel like this project did a lot not just for the kids but the locals the community the feedback we’ve got is incredible”

She hopes it doesn’t turn the city away from more art projects.

Salazar says, “Everytime you damage one of these towers you’re hurting them not me or the artists you’re hurting the kids and you’re hurting heart Beach and we don’t understand why but the next time that you think about it just think about that”

If you know who damaged the lifeguard tower, South Padre Island PD wants to hear from you. On a lighter note, the artists have taken beautification photos. We’ll share on our rgvproud Facebook page.

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