McALLEN. Texas (ValleyCentral) — For the first two weeks of November, Transgender Awareness week is celebrated.

On Saturday, members and allies came together to celebrate as a community. The event provided booths with information for those who wanted to learn more about the community.

“The trans community in Texas especially is being targeted by lawmakers, who don’t understand our community, or who specifically want to attack our community,” South Texas Equality Group board member Gabriel Sanchez told ValleyCentral.

One of the groups present at the event was the RGV LGBTQIA+ Parenting. Their mission is to help parents understand their trans children.

“I think it’s really important to give the trans community spaces to celebrate themselves, but also to raise awareness among the general public around what being trans means,” Sanchez said. “How there’s no one way to be trans, and it’s such a diverse community.”

The group also helps parents how to guide and support their children through the journey they are making. The community also offers help to a parent for someone going through their journey without support.

“So many young people saying, I wish my mom, I wish my grandmother had died. I wish my dad, and so you know, I dove in headfirst instead of I have to be the mom, that’s fine,” founding member of RGV LGBTQIA+ Sarah Hinojosa said. “And then over the years, we don’t have other moms and dads and aunts and uncles.”

Organizers didn’t let the weather keep them from making the event a success.