Legal fight continues between border wall, La Lomita Chapel

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La Lomita Chapel (Source: KGBT Photo)

CBS 4 is continuing to follow up on the lawsuit that the government has filed against the Diocese of Brownsville. According to the dioceses attorney, David Garza there is no restraining order at this time.

The historic chapel is currently in danger of being seized by the federal government for the proposed border wall.

“There is no wall between amigos,” said Salome Welliver, a resident of Mission, who only lives a few miles from La Lomita and the U.S. – Mexico Border.

“A lot of the people that want the wall, never even been down here, come to La Lomita or been to Mission doesn’t really make a lot of sense,” said Welliever.

Welliver is against the construction of the border wall, she says especially on historic land that represents the City of Mission.

“This area is part of the historical district. It’s registered in Washington so I think that should make kind of a difference,” Welliver stated.

According to the attorney, the government filed a lawsuit against the Diocese after they denied the government the right of entry to survey the land.

“Addressing points they raised in their lawsuit and various objections by the lawsuit by the government to go on the property,” said Garza.

Currently the only thing filed by the Diocese is a lawsuit to protect the century old chapel and no restraining order.

Garza says there is a lawsuit pending in DC brought by some environmental groups to restrain the movement from the waiver that was granted by the homeland secretary, and people might be getting confused with the Diocese.

“In principle, not having a border wall and specifically not being one right next to a historical church, that has been there like I said 153 years” said Garza.

Welliver says as a resident of Mission she hopes they can protect the church and the cities prized symbol.

Federal court is scheduled to begin in early January.

You can view the lawsuit by clicking here

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